Photos from the Trail 2011 Photos from the Trail 2011 Ready, Set....... 9/10/11 Everyone is ready 137383608 Go 9/10/11 There off at 10am sharp from Cal Neva Resort in Crystal Bay @ boarder of CA/NV 137383610 Guild and camp manager 9/10/11 137383609 Hobart Made it to Hobart, everyone is doing fine, there was just a lot of sandy climbing and a downhill Mt.Bike race at Marlette Lake that we had to wait for before moving on. 137386109 Dinner Time Dinner is served, Day 1 137396702 Bill & Mac Bill & Mac on the Comstock 137469023 John & Bingo John & Bingo Carson City and Carson Valley in distance 137469024 Todd Todd with Carson Range and Washoe Lake in distance 137469025 Jonz Jonz's (aka Bingo) Mountain Bike hair do 137500032 John John D on the move 137479598 Moving On trail 137479599 Pony Express Trail Pony Express Trail 137783552 Pony Express Trail Pony Express Trail 137479600 Spot GPS Spot GPS laying a breadcrumb trail 137479601 Carson River on Pony Express next to Carson River 137479603 Dip in the Carson River Cooling off in the Carson River 137593883 WOW. it's "WOW." 137479604 Waterbreak Bill and Ted's excellent adventure! Dave the Rhino driver providing some water for the crew. 137482667 Todd On the Map we are just a few inches away from Fort Curchill. 137479602 Fort Churchill Ruins Fort Churchill Ruins 137500031 MTBNV Communication table MTBNV Communication table 137500033 50 more to go 23 miles so far, about 50 more to go. 137593880 Bill G. Bill Griffin, oldest member of our team is 67 and is attempting to set the new speed record for the oldest Mt. Biker to cross Nevada. 137593881 Dead Camel Dead Camel summit...a whopping 4775' 137593882 Dr, Terry Dr Terry setting the pace 137593884 Sand Sand makes the going slow, a 2 mile hike a bike....ahrg! 137593885 Hwy 95 We are crossing hwy 95. 137593886 Riders on the Range Riders on the Range! Roads been graded and moving fast! 137593887 Medic Steve Medic Steve climbing into the Dead Camel range. 137593888 Modern Pony Express Rider Modern Pony Express Rider...almost to Hooten old stop...we will too! 137593889 Horny Toad Horny Toad on Todd 137593890 playa Todd on playa 137593891 Rawhide Made it to Rawhide 137682734 God rays God rays over Rawhide 137682732 Rich Rich heading towards Gadds 137682735 Last Summit Spot is at the last summit of the day. Most are behind and still climbing. We will be late getting into camp tonight 137682730 Dave&Scott Dave and Scott 137682728 savior Our Savior! 137682733 Gabbs in the distance Gabbs! in the distance...rain too! 137682729 Lunch in Gabbs Lunch in Gabbs...42 miles down...25 to go! 137682731 Tan lines Who's got the best tan lines? 137682736 Berlin-ich Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park, here we come! 137682724 We love Icky! We love Icky! Thank you Great Basin Brewery for the Icky! 137784037 Ickys at Ickys Ickys at Ickys State Park! Thanks Great Basin Brewery! 137783554 Bill and Mac Bill and Mac climbing the Toiyabes 137783551 Mac Mac taken in the view 137784036 Terry B. Terry B. on top of Ophir Pass 137931966 Ophir summit Ophir summit 137783557 Ophir summit Ophir summit 137783558 Todd and John Todd and John on Northern boundary of Arc Dome Wilderness 137783559 Ophir runes Ophir ruins 137783556 Made it over Ophir Made it over Ophir Pass! 137783550 What a ride! What a ride! 137783555 eastside East side of Toiyabe Range 137783553 Ophir....Todd stoping with style Ophir....Todd stopping with style 137830938 Ophir.....New trail friends Ophir.....New trail friends 137830940 Ophir.....Todd sliding with style 137830941 Camp at Potts Camp at Potts 137931960 Cheers Cheers from MTBNV @ La Fiesta in Eureka! We are happy to be dry and warm! 137931961 Goon & Bingo Goon & Bingo...founders of WOW Adventures, Inc. 137931962 Phil cam Phil Documenting the Adventure 137931963 Potts Potts Ranch 137931964 Terry Terry Rolling up the Monitors?.before the weather changed 137931965 Phil rolling over Fish Creek summit 138020673 Lunch time Stop for lunch 138020674 Sunny day and ready to hit the trail It was supposed to rain most of the day but god is smiling on us instead. 138020675 Guides Sweeper guides happy it sunny 138020676 Antelope Valley Sunny and Unloading in Antelope Valley 138020677 On the way to White Pine range On the way to White Pine range 138102713 Broken tie rod Broken tie rod 138102714 Cathedral Canyon Cathedral Canyon 138102715 Cathedral Canyon 138102716 Cathedral Canyon 138102717 Dave Dave with Egan Range and Preston in view 138102718 Pioche Pass At Pioche Pass in the White Pass range. From here its down to Preston 138102719 Equipment truck heading to next stop 138102720 White Pine range in the distance White Pine range in the distance 138102721 On the way to Sawmill Canyon Heading towards Sawmill Canyon in the Egan Range. 138302905 Ward Charcoal Ovens State Park 138302907 Ward Charcoal Ovens Phil at Ward Charcoal Ovens State Park 138302906 Aloha! 138110808 Lane Ranch Motel 138203654 Ward Charcoal Ovens Ward Charcoal Ovens lunch stop 138300962 BGMP Bingo, Greg, Mac, and Phil 138300952 Cave Lake State Park Cave Lake State Park 138300954 Leaving Cave Lake State Park Leaving Cave Lake State Park 138300953 JRS Jenny, Rich, and Steve 138300955 JT John and Terry 138300956 Lunch Lunch on last summit of the trip, that make a total of 16 138300957 Cave Lake 138300960 Terry Terry the winner of the Hare award. He was always first to camp everyday. 138300961 Osceola Graveyard Osceola Graveyard looking back at the Schell Creek Range. This is half way up our last climb, the Snake Range to make up a total of 16 ranges we will cross that is over a total of 35,000' of climbing we to do and from this point we have gone 520 miles. the boarder is just over the hill, everyone is still strong so we will finish in style! 138300959 Nice Jersey! Now thats a Jersey that looks like it has crossed the state of Nevada 138300958