Mt Bike across NV on the Great Basin Bike Route

History of  Mountain Bike Nevada

      In 2008, Jason Susslin of Reno, Nevada pioneered a simailar route when he rode his mountain bike along it for 480 miles from Genoa to Baker in 12 days. This was the first ever publicly recorded crossing of Nevada on a mountain bike. What is really significant about this route is that it is nearly all on dirt. This can’t be done in most other states and that is something that Nevada can be proud of. It is one of the longest off road routes in any state in the contiguous U.S. This route is made possible because nearly 80% of Nevada is comprised of public (BLM) land. There is tremendous amount of open space in Nevada and this route highlights those areas where very few people ever venture.

 Susslin's original route.

     In September of 2010, Susslin and the 5 man Team WOW rode a similar route across the state. This route was slightly modified to avoid some stretches of sand on Day 2. The route proved to be nearly sand free and ideal for mt. bikes. All 6 riders pedaled into Baker in 11 days ...still smiling.
Whear and Susslin on the trail - Sept 6, 2010 

      In 2011, the route spurred interest by the American Discovery Trail, a coast to coast trail system, as an alternative route for bikes through Nevada. The ADT was established in 2000 as the nation's first coast to coast trail. Unfortunately, the ADT caters primarily to hikers and equestrians because it passes through so many wilderness areas. Mechanized forms of transportation are not allowed in wilderness areas, therefore the ADT is not very conducive  for mt. bikes. 

      In 2011, Mountain Bike Nevada is worked closely with Ted Oxborrow, the Nevada Director of the ADT and the NV State Parks, BLM and USFS to verify the new route for the Mountain Bike Nevada crossing for the inaugural ride that same year. The route, dubbed the Great Basin Bike Route (GBBR), has been presented to and adopted by the American Discovery Trail Society as an alternative route across Nevada for mt. bikes and other mechanized forms of transportation. Nevada is the first of all 15 states that the ADT goes through to develop a bike friendly option. Mountain Bike Nevada is proud of it's roll in making this dream a reality. Come check it out!